About Cumulus

Who are we?

A precision machine shop outside of Chicago, we designed and created the Cumulus Ice Ball Press for consumers looking for an affordable and "all-in-one" kit for making perfect ice spheres.

Why a sphere?

For cocktail ice that needs to melt as slowly as possible, spheres are the ideal shape. Any drink could benefit from an ice ball but they were mainly created for high end Scotch, Whiskey, & other premium spirits which could benefit from taking the "edge" off the liquor with some beautiful slow melting ice.

How did we do it?

We're the experts! We are the only company in the world who have dedicated CNC machines for manufacturing ice ball related products. We are the same company that brings you the premium line of Ice Ball Press products. We even coined the phrase "Ice Ball Press" back in 2010! Rest assured you're getting an expertly crafted product at an unbelievable price.

"Flipping Out" over our Logo?:

It's a unique logo called an ambigram: a logo that is the same if flipped 180 degrees. We designed it this way so that when the top half of the ice ball press is placed on the guide rails, it won't matter which way it's re-aligned and will still read "Cumulus". It's pretty cool!

Here's our Cumulus ambigram logo engraved on the top of every unit: